Cultivating Your Empath Healing Gifts by Mindful Discernment

You are an empath and you have healing gifts. Anyone who receives them from you by mere texting, a short but deep conversation, or a heartfelt hug knows the magnitude of healing you can give.

But sometimes, you feel off, like your equilibrium is off. You have rough days because you've been exposed to negativity, both external and internal. You get to a point when you want to shut off your gifts for a while to just be.

Maintaining equilibrium isn't about suppressing your gifts; it's about honing them. Here are some ways to cultivate your healing gifts by mindful discernment.

Decipher which Emotions to Focus on

Imagine that you are a sacred chalice, designed to hold divine nectar. Your task is not to become a sealed vessel but to filter—deciphering which emotions serve your higher purpose and which drain your cosmic vitality. 

Harness your divine wisdom to create energetic boundaries. 

Visualize a Protective Bubble

Here's a good exercise for protecting your energy. Close your eyes and visualize a shimmering bubble of light surrounding you. Let this be your sanctuary, your space for self-preservation. This radiant bubble permits entry only to energies in tune with your essence. It acts as a cosmic sieve, separating the profound from the profane.

Travel to Peaceful Abodes

And for those of you yearning for the sun-kissed days on a distant beach or wanderlust adventures through hidden forest reserves, consider these natural landscapes as your soul's true mirrors. Take time to recharge amidst these slices of Eden, for even mystical beings need to retire to their sanctuaries. 

The beaches and forests aren’t just destinations; they’re spiritual balms, silent tutors teaching you how to flow yet remain anchored.


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